Excerpts from Ecology Camp III

The western grey squirrel prefers ponderosa pine forest with enough canopy that it can move easily between trees and some understory vegetation, but not too much. These are some of the conclusions that have been drawn by the ongoing studies by the good folk at the Pacific Biodiversity Institute. But of course, more information is […]

Excerpts from Ecology Camp II

Ever seen Jurassic Park? I just saw it last week. I know, I’m a little late to get on that train. But now that I’m on it I can make more references than just Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (but don’t worry, I’m not abandoning my status as either a potterhead or fellowshipper), […]

Excerpts from Ecology Camp I

“Cheese cheese burger….Cheese cheese burger….Cheese cheese burger.” Oh. My. God. That fudging bird. (I actually called it something a bit saltier, but I’m told this is potentially going to be published in a family friendly sort of thing so I beg forgiveness for my self-censoring.) Reaching blindly from my bed covers I grab at my watch-4:55. Fudge. I’m so tired, but I’m about as far north as you can go without being Canadian so the light of yet another summer day is coming through the window and I can’t sleep when there‚Äôs light. Can’t sleep much when there’s dark, either, but that’s another issue. And of course there’s the birds. Three weeks ago I couldn’t ID a single bird by ear. I still can’t ID many, but the ones Ive managed to memorize seem to be everywhere. And loud. Particularly this gosh darned mountain chickadee. I just learned what it was a couple days before and it seems intent on making sure I never forget it. Or ever get the sound of cheese burgers out of my head. Before 5 am a bird who sang “coffee coffee black as your mood,” would be a better one to hear.