Quick Write: About an animal

Lash a tail back, forth, back, forth, back then UP?–a question mark asking, as she gets to her feet, who are you, silly creature What do you know of anything Of me? Here stay still, sit, she seems to say as she preens; licking at a paw, catching her tail between tiny fangs to clean […]

Light a fire in the dark

Something sneaks up on me. Something, I don’t know what, but it’s a thing. A thing thing. A heart thing? A Feelings thing so I don’t know it at all. A feeling a flutter a fondness a what? I couldn’t describe it if you asked. I never could, and here in this busy silent town […]

Imagine melancholia

Silence wraps about the room, a figure nearly solid, nearly there, nearly sitting next to me not-there fingers upon my lips not-there force upon my limbs nothing at all but still I fall lie still as death though not asleep; Silence weaves a waking dream, inescapable and bittersweet.