Drafting History

I used to write when the world imploded about me– my own world, little world of a little girl. Now I cannot. I grew bigger and so did the dissolution of what I thought I knew what I thought the world was made of. What words can capture such? What One is mightier than so […]

As you wish…?

Dark eyes glitter in the dim light as you put your arm around me– a friendly gesture; or something more? No one ever taught me the rules of this game. I ache for this touch, this gentle brush of fingers across my hip, my shoulder, a tug on my belt or sleeve and the grumbled […]

Winter’s Glory

Shivering, as now the world spins ‘round in a swirl of white–the sky falls softly, unforgivingly, down– shaking deep to the bone, small jerks, hiccoughs punctuating frowns, not of displeasure, but of awe at the monochrome-coated ground– the rocks, trees, buildings, roads, all utterly changed; the people mounds of stolen insulation, wool and down wrapped […]